A place for everything and everything in its place

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Virtuoso Virtual Assistant recently discussed Assessing a filing system.

So lets think about a simple filing system that creates a routine and helps organise your day.

Virtuoso Virtual Assistant’s blog title “A place for everything and everything in its place” is a phrase that sounds familiar to us all.  This phrase ties neatly into organising.

Before you even start to organise, Virtuoso Virtual Assistant would like you to reflect on what you want to achieve as a final result of your need to organise.

Do items that are making you go nuts have a home to go to in the first place?  If so put them there.  If you can not then that may be the place to start your organising.

For example, in an office – do you really need to have ten (10) staplers, can you find a new home for, say, eight (8) of these staplers, could the local school use them?  What about your highlighters once empty, do they go into the garbage bin immediately after they no longer work?

  1. The best way to organise is to start small; put items away that already have a home.
  2. When that home is overflowing, you need to cull – the decision is how old before you cull, for example, if it is clothes that no longer fit then bag them and give to a charity within a determined timeframe so you don’t clutter your home with the bags.
  3. Another is routine, if you remove an item form its home put it back immediately after use.
  4. Documentation; set up a simple filing system so that you can put your hand straight on the item when needed.