Basic communication skills

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Virtuoso Virtual Assistant has recently experienced: 1. People saying they will call you back if there is an issue with the phone call i.e static, poor reception. 2. People not introducing themselves in their opening words and just going into a conversation that makes no sense. Both these scenarios where time wasters, it meant I […]

Mood Boards

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Mood board – A collage or collation of images and text expressing a certain topic Virtuoso Virtual Assistant has an interest in mood boards or concept boards.  Mood boards or concept boards help you to put into visual what you wish to create. Mood boards or concept boards are used by designers in many fields. […]

Stress and modern life, management plans

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      Virtuoso Virtual Assistant is  looking at how society today experiences acute, chronic and prolonged stress.  Stress is normal and as we know it comes in two forms ‘eustress’ which is good stress and ‘distress’ which is bad stress. Eustress prevents boredom and enhances motivation.  It enhances our focus and concentration and gets […]

Carbon Footprint

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Virtuoso Virtual Assistant recently completed a marketing survey for a family member who is studying at University.  The survey could do with some work on it but it was satisfactory for a guidance on how surveys are put together and how with a minor word change you get a different question and that makes you […]