Memories – film negatives into digital

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Virtuoso Virtual Assistant is offering this service at $10.00 for each set of photos you have taken to turn all the negatives into a digital format with a USB device, so if you have taken 36 photos on a role of film it will cost only $10.oo including USB device to store them.

Virtuoso Virtual Assistant knows how important memories are.  With Australia’s recent fires, many people have a lot of memories they do not wish to go up in fires and in a rush may not remember to grab all the negatives and only take the actual photos from the walls and the albums.

Virtuoso Virtual Assistant is offering to turn your old 35 film negatives into digital format and place on a storage device, a storage device is smaller and easier to move and pack and you can place thousands of digital images onto a storage device than lift a heavy box of film negatives.

With today’s technology you can print your own photos from your digital images any time you wish and you can move a copy from your USB device to a cloud for protection.

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