Outlook vs. Email Service Provider for email campaigns

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Virtuoso Virtual Assistant has been asked what is the best why to do an email campaign or more effectively how to make “emails pretty” to send out to customers.

One can either set up an account with an email campaign service provider or use outlook.  This is where the major decision comes in relating to the differences between the two.

Lets look at Outlook and what it offers.

Outlook is a desktop application and it is really designed to manage correspondence between people whether it is two or a group, and therefore is best when the message is short and text-based.  The issues with Outlook is that it is not fantastic at including graphics in the body of the email, and then there is the options for formatting which are limited.

Now let us look at what Email Service Providers can offer.

Email Service Providers offer an online interface that you manage your account with and there is no software to install.  An Email Service Provider is designed to assist companies to manage their email marketing (newsletters, email campaigns ad auto-responders) and an Email Service Provider provides the ability to format your email campaigns or newsletters to include images, links and custom layout design.

When one uses email to build relationships with customers it matters with regards to managing your reports, lists and layout, but on a one to one basis this it not a huge issue.  So this means the important factor is the ability to track your links which provide valuable information about what the recipient is interested in.  When a recipient opens an email it allows you to know that they have read your email, and bounces let you know that the email address is bad and no longer works.  If you are serious about your marketing then knowing statistics like these is the life-blood of your successful marketing campaign.

Finally, whilst Outlook is a wonderful tool for one-on-one communication, but when it comes to managing your list and e-newsletters, you will find Outlook is less than ideal.