Tips – Assessing a Filing System – Part 1

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Virtuoso Virtual Assistant believes in the importance of record keeping and filing systems.  A well-planned system contributes to efficiency of operation and the company’s image.  Whether records are filed on a computer or in a cabinet, they need to be readily accessible.


So firstly let us assess the filing system in place, by conducting an inventory of the records you have.

Some questions you should be asking yourself are:

  • What are the records?
  • Where should they be filed?
  • Who are the users of the records?
  • How often are they used?
  • How are they used?
  • How are the records referred to?
  • What is the size of each record?
  • How many of each record are filed?
  • Who has copies of the same record?

Also check to see if your filing system shows the following symptoms:

  • Information is difficult to find
  • Your system is repeatedly expanding the capacity
  • Your system maintains duplicate files of same information
  • You file to protect the function and not because of information or legal requirements
  • Your systems stores non-records storage
  • Your records are too full for easy access
  • Your filing storage unit is too full for easy access
  • You do not locate the information required in the first place you look

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