Tips – Assessing a Filing System – Part 4

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Virtuoso Virtual Assistant brings you the final part of Tips – Assessing a Filing System.

Here are tips to keep at the back of your mind when managing and maintaining your filing system.

  • Space – your filing system unit should be no more than 90% capacity full.  Tightly pack files create slow retrieval
  • Index Guide – active files should have a guide every 10 to 15 folders.  Anything less means you are wasting time moving folders back and forth whilst looking for a record
  • Folder tabs – visible immediately upon opening a file.  A well-run filing system much have folders of uniformed size and tab styles.  Mixing folder heights and tab positions can reduce efficiency of a filing system
  • Folder tab identification – identification tabs should be typewritten.  Handwritten labels with the names crossed out and rewritten should not be permitted